Rites of Passage

The Rites of Passage programs for boys and girls are designed to guide, inform, and inspire youth in their transition from adolescence to adulthood. Students in middle school are taken through a series of activities and steps that allow them to demonstrate their abilities to be successful academically and socially. We believe that when children are able to see themselves being successful, they begin to believe in themselves and they can set ambitious goals, including completing high school and college. Emphasis is placed on mastering those skills and responsibilities that come with adulthood – self discipline, academic success, leadership, knowledge of history and culture, family values, self-esteem, and health and community service.

The Rites of Passage programs have the following components:

•    Knowledge of culture and history

•    Assistance with academics

•    Community service

•    Changing values and behaviors – Leadership; Health; Conflict Resolution; Self-Esteem

•    Respect for self, families, and community

•    Parent involvement

•    Adult relationships

Rites of Passage is programmed separately for boys and girls. Parents, mentors, and educators guide adolescents through the process of becoming self-affirming and confident young adults. Successfully completing the Rites of Passage steps and activities lets the young people know that they can accomplish goals through consistent and hard work. The program objectives of the Rites of Passage programs are straightforward and simple  to continue to reduce the high levels of unexcused absences, suspensions, tardiness, and truancy of student participants in the Rites of Passage programs.

Rites of Passage