WE WIN Institute, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the academic and social success of all children. WE WIN is helping children create achievements that are having the greatest difficulties being successful in school and in life. WE WIN’s programs are tailored to instill pride, confidence, academic as well as social skills in children by giving them knowledge and experiences, which honor and celebrate their cultural roots. We emphasize African history and culture, to create pride for children of African descent, yet; we celebrate and welcome children of all cultures into our programs.

WE WIN was founded in fall 1995 by Titilayo Bediako, a teacher in the Minneapolis Public Schools. WE WIN began with one program and 25 children, and has grown to five programs. As of 2006, WE WIN has served over 4000 children. WE WIN has developed cooperative relationships with many organizations in all communities that it serves. Programs have achieved such positive results with children, that new communities and schools request them each year. Ms. Bediako received the 2002 National Education Association’s Trensholm Award, which is awarded to only two educators in the United States in recognition of her educational innovations and dedication to at-risk youth.

WE WIN works to influence children’s basic value systems and attitudes, giving them a base of knowledge in core subjects, and helping them develop the skills they need to grow into successful, responsible adults. The programs offer needed adult guidance and mentoring, and provides productive, meaningful activities during times when many of our participating children would normally be unsupervised.